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Produkcja i montaż wysokiej jakości mebli na wymiar (kuchnie, szafy, garderoby, meble łazienkowe i inne)

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18.04.2019 18:18
I am English, i do not speak Polish. i went to leroy merlin in bielsko biala today, @ 15:20pm i paid for my goods and put them back in the trolley and tried to leave the store to take my goods to the car. a security guard came over and was pointing at my goods and saying something in an angry voice. i had no idea what he was saying however he had just seen me pay for them so i know he does not think i stole this. my wife who is polish tried to talk to him and as she was talking to him i continued to walk to the car pushing this small plastic trolley. he then started pushing me with his shoulder very hard so that i could not leave, i did not let him stop me i tried to keep walking without being rude or aggressive to him. he then grabbed me by the arm very hard and started pulling me backwards. when he did this i grabbed his arm and broke his lock on me, and kept walking to my car. he kicked the trolley over and broke the goods that were inside the trolley. as i arrived at my car another guard came over and started taking pictures of my car registration and was saying i will be reported to the police for the 'way i treated the other guard'!!!

my wife told me the problem was 

1)that i had loaded too many things into the trolley and it had a weight limit but i did not know this 
2) that it was not allowed to take trolley to the car park. 

A security guard is ONLY allowed to make MINIMALLY NECESSARY physical contact with a citizen UNLESS:

1) to stop a dangerous situation
2) to prevent a crime happening

the situation was not dangerous, i am walking with my wife, quietly and calmly.

a theft has not occurred as i have paid for my goods and he saw me do this and even if i had not paid, i had not left the business premises so no theft had been committed yet, when i leave the store without paying, then that is a crime and then he can use MINIMAL FORCE to restrain me. he is not the police.

So, i was assaulted by a leroy merlin security guard today, in bielsko biala store.

security guards are not the police, they may think they can do what they like but the fact is no, they can not.

and i do not want to lose this guy his job, he is old and probably needs it and he may even get a criminal record.

Leroy Merlin, SPEAK TO YOUR SECURITY GUARDS PLEASE, before then end up hurting someone and making real problems.

my children were very upset and were crying for next hour.

all my stuff is broken.
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03.03.2017 09:47
Okulary przeciwsłoneczne

Czy faktycznie w tej hurtowni opłaca się kupić większą ilość etui na okulary korekcyjne i przeciwsłoneczne? Interesuje mnie tylko produkt bardzo dobry jakościowo. Może ktoś tam kiedyś kupował ?

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11.04.2019 18:30
Program do nauki na uprawnienia budowlane
Program do nauki na egzamin na uprawnienia
Przyszłym kierownikom budowy oraz projektantom oferujemy program przygotowujący do egzaminu testowego na  uprawnienia budowlane i architektoniczne. Program odpowiedni dla każdego rodzaju uprawnień i specjalności zarówno w PIIB jak i w IARP.